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Hallmark of Geneva

The most demanding signature in fine watchmaking

For Roger Dubuis, the Hallmark of Geneva is not an end in itself, but rather a starting point in its quest for excellence.
That is undoubtedly why Roger Dubuis is the only watch manufacturer to stamp the Hallmark of Geneva on its entire production, thereby imposing flawless discipline on itself right from the first development phases and all the way through to the last test performed on the watch – a vivid reflection of its relentless quest for global perfection.

The origins

From its creation in 1886 to the 2012 evolutions

In order to combat the abusive use of the name of Geneva, which had by then become synonymous with top-level expertise, the Société des Horlogers succeeded in getting the State of Geneva to promulgate a law instituting the Hallmark of Geneva.

This was probably one of the very first anti-counterfeit measures.
It officially came into force in 1886 and was granted to only a handful of manufacturers, the seal or hallmark engraved directly on the movement was an official guarantee that the mechanism was made, assembled, and adjusted in Geneva and that it complied with the strictest demands of watchmaking craftsmanship.

The Hallmark of Geneva has recently evolved on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, towards a new role as a certification of the watch as a whole: in addition to the 12 historical criteria relating to the movement, the criteria linked to the exterior and the performance of the watch have now been added to the official regulations.

With these new demands, the new Hallmark of Geneva focuses on targeting global customer satisfaction while responding to the present and future evolution of Haute Horlogerie.

Exceptional characteristics

Exclusivity, origin, know-how, performance and durability

Guarantee of exclusivity
Of the 20 million watches produced in Switzerland each year, only 24,000 bear the Hallmark of Geneva. Roger Dubuis is the only Manufacture of which the entire range is 100% Hallmark of Geneva certified.

Guarantee of origin
Official guarantee that the watch’s mechanical movement has been assembled, cased up and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva.

Guarantee of know-how
Each component of each section of the movement is individually finished and decorated by hand in keeping with the hand-crafted traditional know-how cultivated in Geneva. A movement bearing the Hallmark of Geneva requires an additional 30 to 40% extra work.

Guarantee of performance
Once assembled, each watch is individually tested and certified in order to guarantee its smooth running, its water resistance and its precision.

Guarantee of durability
The finishing performed on the movement parts strongly reduces friction and ensures exceptional durability. The techniques and materials that are used guarantee the movement a virtually unlimited lifespan.

Outstanding finishes

No detail of any component escapes the rule of the Hallmark of Geneva, which institutes irreproachable aesthetic quality and finishing taken to the extreme.

All parts of the movement, from the mainplate to the smallest screw, are thus hand-finished according to traditional techniques including polished chamfers, straight-grained sides, smoothed down or levelled faces, polished or circular-grained screw heads with chamfered edges.

In the Manufacture Roger Dubuis workshops, a number of artisans devote their endeavours exclusively to meeting the demands of this certification.
The precious criteria governing the fine workmanship of the movement are now enriched by those relating to the exterior.

The entire case, including the parts connecting the movement with the case and dial – such as clamps and braces, brace screws or casing-up rings – must be finished according to the criteria governing the parts of the movement. It is thus now the entire timepiece that bears the Hallmark of Geneva, a guarantee that it represents an authentic masterpiece of refinement in its entirety.

A guarantee of performance

Without modifying the time-honoured criteria guaranteeing horological expertise and quality of execution, the new Hallmark of Geneva reinforces the demands and certifies the timepiece as a whole.

All the timepieces must now meet the additional criteria relating to the testing of their performances – a set of trials that puts each model through its paces and is designed to provide strict verification of water resistance, of precision, of the functions offered, as well as of the power reserve.

All are conducted in conditions closely reproducing those in which the timepieces are actually worn by customers. The chronometric precision tests are performed by photographic comparison over a seven-day cycle. The discrepancy observed must amount to less than one minute over this period.

Issued by the Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Microengineering, an external and independent organisation under the authority of the State of Geneva, the new Hallmark of Geneva guarantees end customers not only the expertise of the watchmakers who have made their timepieces, but also the latters’ top-rate performances.