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January 19th, 2012, in SIHH2012

World of the Player, for the love of risk

The world of the Player is a perfect symbiosis between adrenalin, precision and mystery.
For him a spirit of adventure, natural elegance and glamour form part of everyday life. His world is daring and masterful, as he is a purveyor of strong sensations. In this he is very close to the world of Fine Watchmaking.
Taking their inspiration from this universe, the watches in the Monégasque Collection from ROGER DUBUIS are dream machines that place their technical mastery at the service of creating emotion.

His roots are in the gambling world, but he is also capable of adapting to real life. The Player is a modern hero. He is somebody who considers risk as a supreme value but never forgets that the objective is always attained through skill and control. If he loves the accidental and intuitive side of games of chance, it is because he believes in his own lucky star. He is moved by the poetry of chance.

Fascinating, captivating, utterly intriguing, the universe of the Player is synonymous with freedom and has a great deal in common with the world of Fine Watchmaking. Both are domains governed by passion, elegance, mastery, enterprise and discipline. Anything goes, and the wildest follies become exciting challenges for the craftsmen of the extreme. Moderation and excess alternately mark the pace for these artisans of the exceptional who respond to the most detailed requirements for technical reliability and performance.

Imbued with the world of gambling, the Monégasque Collection from ROGER DUBUIS reflects a style that is intimately linked to one of the chicest of all the coastal resorts in the Mediterranean. Bathed in sunshine and luminosity, La Monégasque encapsulates the spirit of the location and participates in all the style and glamour of the Principality. Does time seem to stretch out languidly before one: a bold design, a contemporary line and a unique, innovative shape that lays out a perfect circle. Details take precedence over effects. The collection represents a notion of style rather than of fashion, characterised by a sober elegance and original forms.

The models in the Monégasque Collection comply with all the latest requirements for the “Poinçon de Genève”. This mark of quality, issued by the Canton of Geneva to a small number of watchmakers, represents an official guarantee that the watch and its functions operate correctly. It also certifies that the watch movement is made by hand, assembled and regulated in Geneva and that it complies with the strict requirements laid down for the watch manufacture. Roger Dubuis is the only watch Manufacture to produce 100% of its movements in accordance with the criteria of the “Poinçon de Genève”.