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January 18th, 2012, in SIHH2012

World of the Warrior, the art of combat

An atmosphere of chivalry, in which duels are synonymous with courage, and where a certain nobility of combat exists, inspired by a bygone age: welcome to the world of the Warrior! A world that brings to mind the symbolism of the Round Table, of the quest for the Holy Grail, the fight of good against evil and the defence of the realm. Here, as a characteristic of the era, men have the power to choose their destiny. It is from this world of choreographed mastery and power that ROGER DUBUIS reveals the Excalibur Collection.

Just like the orders of chivalry, the world of the Warrior is symbolised by the coat of arms.With its perfect gestures, sharpened swords and dazzling armour, the image of the world of the Warrior recalls a universe of nobility, strength, splendour and discipline. Like the watches from the Excalibur Collection, the knight carries inside him the aestheticism of combat, the beauty of the brave soldier, and the precision of the quest for excellence.

If the valiant wish their arms to win glory and victory, they must never lose sight of what makes them so daring and unflinching: their courage. The world of the Warrior gives great importance to the value of courage. Knowledge of their own resources, boldness, efficiency: these are the qualities that characterise those who act with dignity. The virtue of discipline should also be added to those referred to above. Knowing the different routes by which a goal can be attained, following closely the agreed plan of battle: these are the foundations for the combat of a valiant fighter.

Then comes the action. Victory remains the main objective and everything depends on subtly obtaining it. The knight is an extremely well-trained elite warrior, able to use both the sword and the lance with equal mastery. Honour, loyalty and honesty are found in each of his movements. It is from this strength and brilliance that the models in ROGER DUBUIS’ Excalibur Collection take their inspiration. Competition is a source of inexhaustible creativity for the Genevan watchmaker who has created and designed watches whose very nature expresses power and brilliance.

Faithful to the tradition of excellence that has established the reputation of the Genevan watchmaker, the watches in the Excalibur Collection comply with all the latest requirements of the “Poinçon de Genève”. This mark of quality, issued by the Canton of Geneva to a small number of watchmakers, represents an official guarantee that the watch and its functions operate correctly. It also certifies that the watch movement is made by hand, assembled and regulated in Geneva and that it complies with the strict requirements laid down for the watch manufacture. Roger Dubuis is the only watch Manufacture to produce 100% of its movements in accordance with the criteria of the “Poinçon de Genève”.