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October 26th, 2012, in News

Velvet watch set in pink gold wins the 2nd Prix du Jury

2012 pays tribute to and rewards the designs of the Genevan watchmaker, Roger Dubuis.

Montres Passion magazine, belonging to the Swiss publishing house, Ringier, honours a ladies' collection for the second year running and puts women in the limelight.

This year, the Velvet watch in set pink gold wins the 2nd Prix du Jury with its audacious beauty and forthright style.
The Velvet collection embodies passion. It carries glamour and elegance in its genes, like the Diva that inspired it.
Fitted with the finest mechanical movements, it plays with strong and refined modern lines.

This ability to constantly surprise gives the watches in the Velvet collection their unique charm.
A fitting characteristic as they come from the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis.