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August 14th, 2013, in News

Roger Dubuis, partner of the ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS

The ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS takes place for the 6th time this summer as a prestigious art festival against the backdrop of the worldwide unique scenery of St. Moritz and the Engadin.

Time and again the Engadin has attracted, inspired and entranced artists, writers, filmmakers and philosophers. The ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS takes up this tradition and stands for a combination of strong local ties and international exchange. Again in 2013 ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS proposes a comprehensive art programme, which looks towards China.

Between tradition and international influences a variety of art scenes exist in China: in collaboration with experts the festival will provide access to these phenomena. The renowned collector and pioneer of the Chinese art scene, Dr Uli Sigg, curates an exhibition with works by the artists NI Youyu, XUE Feng, LI Zhenwei, LIU Wie and LI Xi, showing recent positions from his world-famous collection. St.Moritz Art Masters will also present two “heavyweights” of contemporary Chinese art: Ai Weiwei, the artist and activist, and the painter Fang Lijun.

In addition, works by the Chinese painter and sculptor Shao Fan and photographs by the artist Chen Fuli will be on show. The oeuvre of the latter takes a poetical look at the cultural heritage of his country. Also young Chinese artists from the Sichuan Province will be presented in co-operation with the Swiss art network Artalliance and „Organhaus Art Space“, an independent organisation of artists in Chongqing. This group of artists provides a unique perspective on a de-centralised view far from the centres of political and economic power in China.

The photography exhibition of the Chinese Pulitzer prize-winner Liu Heung Shing explores the journalistic development of photography in China from the Cultural Revolution to the present day. It is complemented by works of international stars of photography such as Patrick Demarchelier and Peter Lindbergh.

What makes this year’s edition of ST. MORITZ ART MASTERS special is the building of bridges between East and West and the combination of an international outlook and local roots. Workshops with artists, talks and discussions introduce visitors to China with its rich cultural diversity and enable them to approach and engage with artistic trends and developments.

For the first time, Roger Dubuis will act as a partner to the event and looks forward welcoming you to St. Moritz from 23 August to 1 September 2013.