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About Roger Dubuis

Audacity, excellence, technical sophistication

More than just a Manufacture, Roger Dubuis reflects a world all its own.
A world where exuberance rules and creativity reigns supreme. It is a resolutely extravagant, rebellious and elegant brand, worthy of the best in Haute Horlogerie. For innovation is born from a heartfelt respect for tradition and craftsmanship.

The story of Roger Dubuis is primarily one marked by dazzling success.
The company was founded in 1995 through a partnership between a talented master watchmaker – Roger Dubuis – and Carlos Dias, a brilliant designer.

With remarkable dynamism, Roger Dubuis soon ignited the world of Haute Horlogerie. Striking a fine balance between traditional watchmaking expertise and avant-garde design, its timepieces immediately made their mark.

Welcome message

Welcome to the incredible world of Roger Dubuis

In 2012, the Roger Dubuis Manufacture, which was founded in 1995, has been given a new face that makes the entire team very proud.

The brand's enormous creativity is reflected in the worlds of five distinct characters: the elegant player of the "La Monégasque" collection, the powerful warrior of the "Excalibur" collection, the modern venturer of the "Pulsion" collection, the sophisticated diva of the "Velvet" collection, naturally gravitating around the fifth element represented by the “Incredible Mechanics” of the Hommage collection.

Roger Dubuis is not simply a designer of daring, highly creative concepts in watchmaking, it is the only Manufacture whose entire production is certified with  the Geneva Seal, the ultimate recognition of exceptional quality.
In the strict tradition of Fine Watchmaking, all the components of our 31 exclusive movements are finished and decorated by hand.

A Roger Dubuis watch is a bold choice. It demonstrates confidence and the wish to affirm your own personality without fear or compromise.

Discover the incredible world of Roger Dubuis!

Jean-Marc Pontroué
Chief Executive Officer, Manufacture Roger Dubuis

A powerful and exuberant design

Using technique to enhance aesthetics

Using technique to enhance aesthetics and nurture strong concepts born from unbridled creativity: such is the spirit that the Manufacture instils into each of its collections.

La Monégasque, Excalibur, Pulsion and Velvet all testify to perfectly controlled exuberance.
These collections are instantly recognisable and share the brand’s specific identity codes. The over-sized cases with transparent backs, the imposing crowns, the stylised Roman numerals, the three lugs attaching the strap to the case or the tourbillon carriage shaped like a Celtic cross are all distinctive Roger Dubuis features.
They are the signature of these fabulous mechanical objects that are ever-ready to defy the senses.

An overriding obsession

From movement development onwards, quality is the overriding obsession

Creativity and rigorous standards are two fundamental and inseparably entwined values at Roger Dubuis.
And understandably so, since quality, reliability and performance are at the core of the entire creative process – from the first idea through to delivery of the finished timepiece.

Right from the first sketches, the designers, engineers and watchmakers work together on choosing the materials, the components to be incorporated and the production principles to be established in order to ensure optimal long-term reliability.

The latter goal is also met by achieving a perfect match between form and function, on which the development teams focus their endeavours throughout the design phase.

To confirm the validity of the technical options chosen, Roger Dubuis calls upon independent laboratories to conduct the approval procedures. At the end of the day, the brand’s production is strictly confined to exceptional timepieces boasting solid reliability and performance, entirely in tune with the unique, extraordinary and exuberant nature embedded in the Roger Dubuis DNA.

Tests, controls, certifications

The discipline of perfection

The fact that Manufacture Roger Dubuis has chosen to produce all its movement components embodies a wish to support its creativity and to ensure complete control of quality.

This means that every single component – bearing in mind that some mechanical movements comprise over 600 parts! – is tested at all stages in production, in terms of both its dimensions and its aesthetic appearance.

The functional tolerance of these industrially produced and individually hand-finished components is generally expressed in microns. Once assembled by the watchmakers who are the driving force behind the Manufacture, each Roger Dubuis mechanical movement undergoes a full week of controls dealing both with precision and with the perfect adjustment of each function, followed by two weeks of rigorous tests conducted by an independent body.

Upon its return to the Manufacture, the certified movement is cased up before facing two more weeks of in-house tests. Only at the end of this complex process does each watch undergo a last week-long series of tests laid down by the Hallmark of Geneva in order to be individually certified.

From component production through to obtaining the Hallmark of Geneva, it takes about seven months for a Roger Dubuis watch to be created, one step after another, one requirement after another. Such is the price of perfection.