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The Manufacture

A fully integrated Manufacture: the strength of Roger Dubuis

Inaugurated in 2001, this spectacular building featuring glass walls reflects the timepieces made within: an audacious and confident exterior that houses complex and sophisticated mechanisms.

At Roger Dubuis, function is not developed before form, nor form before function: the two go hand in hand and are developed in parallel. This is the strength of the totally integrated Manufacture, which makes it possible to design individual movements to fit each shape of watch, be it round, square or rectangular. One would expect nothing less from Haute Horlogerie.

The Manufacture has also taken a remarkable step forward in managing to create its own escapements, including the balance spring. Aside from the prestige that this earns Roger Dubuis, this in-house mastery of such highly complex expertise guarantees total independence and absolute exclusivity for its movements. Such know-how is the privilege of a mere handful of authentic Manufactures.

Technical and aesthetic challenges

Devoted to the creation of genuinely unique timepieces

The Manufacture Roger Dubuis embodies an alliance between extraordinary craftsmen and ultra-sophisticated machines. All Roger Dubuis movements are exceptional objects made up of several hundred components meticulously finished by hand, in the spirit of Geneva’s great watchmaking tradition – as is duly guaranteed by the Hallmark of Geneva stamped on each Roger Dubuis movement.

Each calibre is also assembled and adjusted by hand by over fifty watchmakers employed in the Manufacture’s workshops. Each of these extremely complex movements require weeks of delicate work, which is monitored and carried out by a highly qualified and experienced watchmakers.

The whole range of timepiece complications is mastered in-house, including Roger Dubuis specialities such as the double flying tourbillon, as well as skeleton movements which have opened up a new contemporary avenue for this ancient area of expertise. And that is what makes all the difference.

Historical Haute Horlogerie mastery

The major complications and the sophisticated techniques

The acknowledged creative fire and ardour of the Manufacture Roger Dubuis have resulted in major accomplishments of a technical, creative and aesthetic nature. By taking the liberty of breaking out of the traditional mould of Haute Horlogerie, the designers and developers at the Manufacture have laid new milestones.

This consistently innovative approach is brilliantly demonstrated by the broad range of Roger Dubuis movements currently in production.