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Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of the contemporary Fine Watchmaking scene since 1995.


Guests at our boutiques experience a physical rendition of our timepieces’ extravagant, exuberant personality. Let us help you arrange a visit, we are at your disposal.

The Manufacture

Inaugurated in 2001, this spectacular building featuring glass walls reflects the timepieces made within: an audacious and confident exterior that houses complex and sophisticated mechanisms.

Hallmark of Geneva

The prestigious Poinçon de Genève lies at the heart of our identity. Every Roger Dubuis movement bears this hallmark of excellence.

Luxury Watch Brands: The Roger Dubuis Company Holds the Highest Honor

Connoisseurs of luxury watch brands know that one brand stands out among all the rest.

Luxury watch brands, especially among the numerous Swiss watch companies in Geneva, are known for their quality, their unparalleled timekeeping, and their high end craftsmanship. However, only one luxury watch brand holds the highest honor of being 100% Poincon De Geneve certified: the Roger Dubuis company.

The Poincon De Geneve certification, sometimes called the Hallmark of Geneva, is given to Swiss watchmaking companies that achieve a set of very high watchmaking standards. This certification is given on a per-watch basis; that is, each watch must be tested anew to determine whether it meets Poincon De Geneve standards. Some Swiss luxury watch brands have partial Poincon De Geneve certification, achieving this high honor on a few of the best watches in their collection. Only one brand has 100% Poincon De Geneve certification on its entire production: the Roger Dubuis company.

The History of Swiss Luxury Watch Brands

The connection between luxury watches and the Swiss has a long history. Swiss watchmaking first developed in the 1550s, when legal and religious rulings prevented goldsmiths and jewelers from practicing their traditional trade. Making jewelry was forbidden, but making watches was not, and so Swiss artisans pooled their talents to create some of the most beautiful, most technologically sophisticated watches ever created.

Switzerland is also home to the world's first watchmaking guild, founded in 1601. The Watchmaker's Guild of Geneva helped establish Switzerland as the home of luxury watchmaking, a designation that continues today. To find luxury watch brands, simply turn to the Swiss.

The Roger Dubuis Company as Luxury Watch Leader

The Roger Dubuis company is relatively new to the Swiss watchmaking world, making its rise to the highest pinnacle of watchmaking achievement even more significant.

The company was founded in 1995 by one of the world's most eminent watchmakers, Mr. Roger Dubuis. A graduate of the Geneva Watchmaking School, Mr. Roger Dubuis spent his early career mastering the art of watchmaking as he worked for the famous Swiss luxury watch companies Longines and Patek Phillippe. During his career with Patek Phillippe, Mr. Roger Dubuis began developing his own atelier after hours, and making a name for himself in luxury watchmaking in his own right.

By 1995, Mr. Roger Dubuis knew it was time to start his own company. By combining with designer Carlos Dias to found the Roger Dubuis company, Mr. Roger Dubuis set in motion a brand that would make watchmaking history.

Today, the Roger Dubuis company is the foremost luxury watch brand in Switzerland, if not the world. It is the only brand to receive 100% Poincon De Geneve certification, and is a leader in Haute Horlogerie, or fine watchmaking. Customers looking for the very best high end watches or luxury timepieces have only one company to consider: Roger Dubuis.

Examples of Roger Dubuis Brand Excellence

All of the watches in the Roger Dubuis collection are true luxury watches, and are some of the finest timepieces in the world. However, some watches from the collection stand out as examples of the Roger Dubuis brand excellence.

The Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon

Collectors who appreciate men's skeleton watches will find a genuine piece to admire with the Roger Dubuis Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon watch. This watch includes

•    A 45 mm pink gold case
•    276 baguette-cut diamonds
•    28 jewels
•    RD01SQ movement
•    A hand-stitched black alligator strap
•    A pink gold adjustable folding buckle set with diamonds

The 276 baguette-cut diamonds total approximately 13.35 carats, making this piece a true investment and one of the most exclusive watches available for sale.

The Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold, Tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis

Created for this year's 2014 Novelties collection as an homage to Mr. Roger Dubuis, the Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold represents the pinnacle of classic watchmaking combined with the latest horological technologies. This beautifully designed watch includes:

•    A 45 mm pink gold case
•    A white lacquered flange
•    28 jewels
•    RD540 movement
•    The newest variation on the flying tourbillon mechanism, designed for sophisticated and accurate timekeeping
•    An updated power-reserve segment to inform wearers on the watch's state of wind
•    A hand-stitched genuine alligator strap
•    A pink gold adjustable folding buckle
•    Mr. Roger Dubuis' signature engraved on the case back

The Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold is a one-of-a-kind timepiece for the connoisseur who both appreciates fine watchmaking and wishes to own a piece of watchmaking history.

The Automatic - Jewellry

Roger Dubuis makes both luxury men's watches as well as luxury women's watches, and the Automatic - Jewellry is one of the finest examples of women's watchmaking excellence. This breathtaking watch includes:

•    A 38 mm pink gold case
•    A trompe l'oeil design to delight the eye
•    282 diamonds embedded in the bezel and bracelet
•    A pink gold bracelet to match the pink gold case
•    33 jewels
•    RD821 movement
•    A satin sunburst exterior
•    A silver dial
•    Pink gold Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o'clock; black Roman numerals on the remainder of the watch face

Women who wear the Automatic - Jewellry will carry a beautiful symbol of style and luxury with them, and will be proud to own one of the finest women's watches in the world.

Roger Dubuis: The True Luxury Watch Brand

Luxury watch brands are found throughout Switzerland and Geneva, but only one watch brand holds the highest honor. The Roger Dubuis company is 100% Poincon De Geneve certified and bears the most demanding signature in fine watchmaking. This makes a Roger Dubuis watch the best possible choice for the luxury watch connoisseur.