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Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of the contemporary Fine Watchmaking scene since 1995.


Guests at our boutiques experience a physical rendition of our timepieces’ extravagant, exuberant personality. Let us help you arrange a visit, we are at your disposal.

The Manufacture

Inaugurated in 2001, this spectacular building featuring glass walls reflects the timepieces made within: an audacious and confident exterior that houses complex and sophisticated mechanisms.

Hallmark of Geneva

The prestigious Poinçon de Genève lies at the heart of our identity. Every Roger Dubuis movement bears this hallmark of excellence.

Find the best watches for men at Roger Dubuis

If you thrive on difference and are not afraid to be elegantly extravagant, then Roger Dubuis has a watch for you.

Whether you are looking at the daring and sleek excellence of La Monégasque, the powerful and absolute Excalibur, the dynamic and complex Pulsion, or the authentic and passionate Hommage, you will undoubtedly find that Roger Dubuis watches are anything but ordinary and are considered to be among the best watches for men in the world today.

What makes Roger Dubuis watches one of a kind

The one thing all Roger Dubuis watches have in common, besides the audacity of their original designer, Carlos Dias, is the unparalleled know-how and expertise of their founding father and master watchmaker: Roger Dubuis.

To become the provocative, avant-garde and reliable quality timepieces that they are, Roger Dubuis watches go through a rigorous creative and manufacturing process. From the moment the idea is conceived to the time the watch is delivered, designers, engineers and watchmakers work together tirelessly on all aspects of its creation.

Because our manufacturing plant can produce all the watch components, Roger Dubuis enjoys an independent status and is able to keep its 31 internal watch movements exclusive, as well as a tight grip on the impeccable finish and reliability that characterize our watches since 1995.

The Geneva Seal: a guarantee of the highest manufacturing standards

Branded with the official Geneva Seal, as a warrant of the highest quality watchmaking, Roger Dubuis watches are assembled by hand, following the traditional rules and regulations of watchmaking dating back to the year 1886, when the law was introduced. Previously intended to ensure the quality standards of the internal movement, these regulations have recently been updated to include the outside cover and performance of the watch as well.

Out of 20 million watches manufactured annually in Switzerland today, only 24’000 are branded with the Geneva Seal. Roger Dubuis is the only watch manufacturer approved to carry that seal on 100% of its watches, making our watches effectively some of the best watches for men in the world. Of the various projects being developed every year by Roger Dubuis, only the finest and most reliable watches go on to be manufactured.

What’s your pleasure?

Let us help you choose one of the best watches for men in one of four current Roger Dubuis collections:

Excalibur – An iconic collection of watches, with a design both mighty and extravagant and a definite show of technical prowess and audacity. It is the perfect choice for the daring and fearless conqueror.

Hommage – Honouring our founding father, the watches in this collection are a modern and technically superior rendition of a once more classical design. This collection is an ode to the art of watchmaking, and a breath of perfect contemporary elegance.

La Monégasque – Inspired by Monte-Carlo, a decidedly modern silhouette and sleek elegance define this collection. Whether adorned with diamonds or dressed in a simple case, these fine watches spell sophistication and refinement.

Pulsion – Strong, dynamic, and equipped with a remarkable and unique sapphire glass extending to the edges of the case, these watches are an ultimate technical feat. If you are a man of action, this innovative watch collection is made for you.

At your service

At Roger Dubuis, we pride ourselves in delivering thoroughly quality-controlled watches, designed to last a lifetime. To preserve your Roger Dubuis watch, we recommend maintenance every 4-5 years by one of our certified Roger Dubuis watch specialists.
Should defects be found in either the conformity of the watch or any of the materials used, your Roger Dubuis watch would be covered by our 24 months manufacturing warranty.

A 12 months extended warranty is also offered to customers who sign up on our website, provided their watch was purchased and maintained in a Roger Dubuis shop (or authorized reseller).

If you would like to join the many satisfied Roger Dubuis customers sporting one of the best watches for men to date, please visit one of our many boutiques or resellers located in North, Central or South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We look forward to helping you choose your exceptional.