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Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of the contemporary Fine Watchmaking scene since 1995.

The Manufacture

Inaugurated in 2001, this spectacular building featuring glass walls reflects the timepieces made within: an audacious and confident exterior that houses complex and sophisticated mechanisms.


Guests at our boutiques experience a physical rendition of our timepieces’ extravagant, exuberant personality. Let us help you arrange a visit, we are at your disposal.

Hallmark of Geneva

The prestigious Poinçon de Genève lies at the heart of our identity. Every Roger Dubuis movement bears this hallmark of excellence.

Men’s Luxury Watches

It is not entirely easy to explain the unflagging, almost feverish interest in men’s luxury watches. You could be forgiven for thinking that by now it would have passed, like a season or a fad – as if a fixation that gripped man’s attention for a time, only to be usurped by another, more glittering offering that brought swifter gratification, or greater usefulness and efficiency.

But it hasn’t. The horse and cart have given way to the automobile and its internal combustion engine; the bow and arrow to the assault rifle; coal fires to nuclear power; and the carrier pigeon to the World Wide Web.

Yet men’s luxury watches have not been superceded – not even by the miraculous, omniscient devices we carry around in our pockets. They have proved impervious to the ravages of time. Man’s relentless pursuit of progress has no truck with them. In fact, if anything, their lustre grows more enticing with each passing year.

The eye of the beholder

The secret is in perception. Man is at great pains to control how he is perceived. This he might do through his shoes or his suit. Or perhaps by how he wears his hair or ties the knot in his tie. And in the same way he invests much concern in perceiving the character of other men.

Today, there remain fewer more potent, universal indicators of a man’s taste, style and – critically – status, than his choice of wristwatch.

It is this that perpetuates the zealous enthusiasm for men’s luxury watches. Fashions may come and go, but a meticulously engineered and hand-finished timepiece is superior to the whims of modish conceit.

A men’s luxury watch communicates a number of truths. That quality is worth investment, no matter how high. That an object’s integrity is inextricably linked to the intimate relationship it has with its maker. And that the same object’s value cannot simply be determined by the number or sum of its parts. It implies its wearer values tradition as much as progress, and substance as much as style – one without the other is myopic, if not perilous.

Cachet like no other

Furthermore, a luxury men’s watch is proof that a man respects himself, and that he recognises his own worth. In the same way, a luxury watch passed on as a gift is a sign that those same attributes are observed in another. It is a superlative form of affirmation.

A man giving his son a luxury watch is his approval. It is his confirmation that his son has become a man. In doing so, he bestows cachet on him and gives him confidence to believe he is ready to take his place in the world.

What else can do the same? A car, whose value diminishes rapidly with age? No. A roof over his head that can be traded without emotional cost? Again, no.

Audacious, complex and sophisticated

Men’s luxury watches that leave the Roger Dubuis manufacture in Geneva perfectly articulate these values. Within its walls, value is placed on every part of a watch, and every process required to create it. From the most fragile part to the most robust, each individual component is manufactured in-house and to the uncompromising standards of the Geneva Seal.

And the hand of the craftsman is evident in all of them.

Ultimately, that’s what bestows integrity on a Roger Dubuis watch. Not its function, not its beauty, not its quality – although none of these things is without importance.

Rather it’s the hand that assembles the escapement, delicately lifting the balance and its coiled hairspring into place. It’s the hand that chamfers the bridge and polishes every facet until the watch becomes a three-dimensional entity, capturing light and captivating its beholder. It’s the hand that skillfully adds decoration to a dial or a plate. It’s the hand that applies the hour markers, one by one.

Without the hand of the craftsman, they are soulless. Little more than symbols of utilitarianism.

Beauty and truth

But perhaps most importantly of all, men’s luxury watches are lucid expressions of man’s ambition. The ambition of the man who wears a luxury men’s watch is matched by the ambition of the man who made it. A perfect partnership. Together, they find truth in its audacity and beauty in its complexity. Nothing, say the believers, is impossible.

That is why we remain so in thrall to men’s luxury watches.