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About Roger Dubuis

More than just a Manufacture, Roger Dubuis reflects a world all its own. A world where exuberance rules and creativity reigns supreme.

Hallmark of Geneva

The prestigious Poinçon de Genève lies at the heart of our identity. Every Roger Dubuis movement bears this hallmark of excellence.

Swiss Watch Manufacturer Roger Dubuis and His History of Excellence

How did Swiss watch manufacturer Roger Dubuis get his start?

Swiss watch manufacturer Roger Dubuis did not become one of the world's leading watch manufacturers easily. It took years of practice, study, and dedication for Roger Dubuis to attain the skills of a master watchmaker, found what would become the Roger Dubuis company, and build the company into the finest Swiss luxury watch brand manufacturer in the world.

The Boy and the Clock Tower

When Roger Dubuis was a young boy, he asked for permission to do one very special job: that of ringing the noon bells and winding the weights in the clock tower at the church in his hometown of Corsier-sur-Veyey. Both his schoolteacher and the church granted him permission, and every day young Roger Dubuis would leave his classroom to ring the bells and wind the weights, studying the inner workings of the large clock as he worked and developing his first initial interest in horology.

As Roger Dubuis grew older, he discovered watchmaking. He would spend hours watching the local watchmaker at his work, learning about the delicate craft of constructing a watch and dreaming of the day when he would create his own.

Of course, for a young man like Roger Dubuis, there was only one real option: the Geneva School of Watchmaking. Swiss watchmaking has a long history: the first Watchmakers' Guild was founded in Geneva in 1601, and the culture of Haute Horlogerie, or fine watchmaking, is more closely associated with Swiss watches than with any other country in the world. When Roger Dubuis was accepted at the Geneva School of Watchmaking, he had taken the first steps towards his career as a master watchmaker, and towards the founding of the company which would one day bear his name.

From Student to Master

Following his work at the Geneva School of Watchmaking, Roger Dubuis began working for other well-known Swiss luxury watch brands, specifically Longines and Patek Phillippe. He worked on restoring and repairing watches, and also began constructing watches of his own. He was part of the team that developed the bi-retrograde perpetual calendar watch movement. His innovation and design skills became more and more apparent every day.

While working for Patek Phillippe, Roger Dubuis began working in his own atelier after hours. Then, in 1995, Roger Dubuis took the next and most important step in his career: joining together with master designer Carlos Dias to create The Roger Dubuis Company.

Finally, Roger Dubuis was a true master watchmaker. The young boy who had rung the bells and wound the weights in his church clock tower had truly come of age, with a company of his own that would quickly become one of the premier Swiss luxury watch manufacturers in the world.

The Most Demanding Signature in Fine Watchmaking

The Roger Dubuis company has achieved many successes since its founding, but its chief success is that it is the only Swiss watch manufacturer to achieve 100% Poincon De Geneve certification. This is the most demanding signature in fine watchmaking, and it is given to only the very best Swiss watches. By achieving Poincon De Geneve certification on every single watch in its production collection, the Roger Dubuis company has shown itself capable of the excellence that its founder Roger Dubuis always exhibited in his own personal watchmaking.

The Hommage Collection Pays Tribute to Swiss Watch Manufacturer Roger Dubuis

When Roger Dubuis founded the Roger Dubuis company in 1995, he quickly developed what he called the Hommage Collection. This collection, the first one created by Roger Dubuis for his new company, was intended as an homage to the watch Roger Dubuis created as a student at the Geneva School of Watchmaking. His commitment to style, design, and craftsmanship was apparent from the very first watches in the Hommage Collection.

Roger Dubuis has now retired from the Roger Dubuis company, but the Hommage Collection continues. The watches in this collection represent the epitome of classic Geneva watchmaking style and luxury.

The Double Tourbillon High Jewellry, for example, combines the classic double tourbillon watch movement with the traditional art of guilloché. The luxury timepiece is set with baguette-cut diamonds and is one of the finest Geneva watches in existence.

This year, the Hommage Collection includes a very special watch as an additional homage to Roger Dubuis: the Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold, Tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis. This watch is a superlative specimen of Haute Horlogerie, and a true luxury watch for the discerning collector. The Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold features a flying tourbillon movement, includes pink gold, white lacquer, and genuine handstitched alligator. The Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold is issued in a limited edition of only 208 watches, as "208" was Roger Dubuis' registration number at the Geneva School of Watchmaking.

Explore the Collection

Swiss watch manufacturer Roger Dubuis has a long history of excellence. Explore the Roger Dubuis Hommage Collection to learn more about this celebrated watchmaker's skills and craftsmanship, and to see what can be achieved at the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking.