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18 décembre 2013, dans Evènements

Roger Dubuis unveils iconic Excalibur range in Oman

Roger Dubuis, makers of fine Swiss watches with unique flair, recently unveiled their signature Excalibur range of watches in Oman, for the benefit of watch lovers in the Sultanate. The iconic collection was launched at a ceremony at The Chedi, Muscat on December 11th, in partnership with leading luxury watch distributors, Mistal, part of the Ajit Khimji Group.

Roger Dubuis is celebrating 2013 as the Year of the Excalibur, a line that is renowned throughout the horological world for its dynamic forms, angular good looks and powerful design facets since its launch in 2005. This year the brand launched a series of exceptional creations in honour of this iconic brand, inspired by the World of the Warrior – a legendary figure of a time when honour and courage were supreme.

“Oman is becoming an increasingly significant market for our brand in the region and Omani customers are renowned for their preference for luxury watches of the highest quality. Thus it gives us great pleasure to unveil our premium Excalibur collection exclusively in Oman in this Year of the Excalibur,” said Jean-Sebastien Berland, Regional Brand Director of Roger Dubuis. “Our foray into the Oman market through our partners Mistal has proved extremely successful. Hence we look forward to launching more of our latest creations for our Omani clients in the future,” he added.

Mr. Dharmesh Khimji, Managing Director of Mistal said: “We are extremely pleased with our ongoing partnership with Roger Dubuis in Oman. The brand’s stunning range of luxury timepieces has certainly created an impact among watch connoisseurs in Oman. We look forward to continuing our fruitful association with one of the watchmaking’s most exciting brands.”

Discover the footage of this incredible event: