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24 апреля 2014, раздел События

Roger Dubuis holds Excalibur VIP Dinner to celebrate its new partnership with Chung Mei Watch

Combining bold and avant-garde designs and outstanding watch-making techniques, Roger Dubuis has opened a brand new shop-in-shop at Chung Mei Watch in Taipei. To celebrate the great cooperation, Roger Dubuis held a joint VIP dinner with its new partner Chung Mei Watch. It took place at The Palais de Chine Hotel and presented the complete Roger Dubuis timepiece collections through the powerful and noble atmosphere of the Excalibur world.
Shatina Chen, the Taiwan top model, was the event key star, she wore the Excalibur Joaillerie timepiece.

The event concept took its inspiration from the “Excalibur World” which is the world of chivalry where duels are a display of strength, where combat has certain nobility, and where a mastery of technique and precisely wielded power are essential like the world in the Medieval Period. Before the dinner, the guests were entertained by a medieval show with magician and an armour knight.

A unique Roger Dubuis Tourbillon Exhibition was also showcased during the cocktail. This is a rare event for the connoisseurs to discover one of the Roger Dubuis Specialty: the Flying Tourbillon. In this exhibition, not only Excalibur 45 Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon, but also Excalibur 42 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Diamonds are displayed in the brilliant showcases. These exclusive timepieces belong to the most iconic collection of Roger Dubuis: Excalibur. Roger Dubuis is also the only Fine Watchmaking Maison to get its entire production certified by the Poinçon de Genève, the ultimate signature in Fine Watchmaking. Only some 24,000 watches out of the 30 million produced each year in Switzerland receive this incredible seal of quality.

During the gala dinner, Roger Dubuis delighted its exclusive guests by enriching the evening with a memorable experience: a living eagle flew around the dinner long table for the biggest pleasure of the participants. During the main course served, 4 famous models presented 8 selected timepieces for VVIPs with Roger Dubuis show music. Roger Dubuis is very proud to announce this new partnership with Chung Mei Watch.

Roger Dubuis brand new shop-in-shop at Chung Mei Watch

Roger Dubuis is now officially a brand under Chung Mei Watch Company, a company that prides itself in “precision in every second, every minute”. At the company’s Chung Hsiao East Road store, the design of Roger Dubuis shop-in-shop follows the original concept utilized by brand’s flagship boutique in 1881 Heritage, Hong Kong. Echoing the high standards, the elegant and spacious display shelving and the magnificent ambiance perfectly enhance the brand’s complete timepiece collections in a luxurious and comfortable shopping experience.

From Dubai, Hong Kong to Singapore, all the Roger Dubuis boutiques and shop-in-shops follow meticulous details from brand spirit. The Roger Dubuis shop-in-shop at the Chung Mei Watch’s boutique on Chung Hsiao East Road is no exception. In a bold palette of bronze, red and black, the design reflects brand’s the bold and avant-garde spirit. The use of leather, wood, and brass in the materials further enhance the luxurious ambiance inside the store. The shop-in-shop strives to bring an unsurpassed experience for the watch connoisseurs in a modern, pure, open, relaxing and delicate atmosphere with well-designed details.