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28 апреля 2014, раздел Новости

Roger Dubuis at Geneva Marathon for Unicef

For the 10th edition of the Geneva Marathon for Unicef, 30 Roger Dubuis employees, passionate about running, have signed up and are eager to take part in the different races (Marathon 42,195 km - 21km Half Marathon and Marathon Relay) offered by the Geneva Marathon on May, 4th.

The Roger Dubuis team is part of  a 300 employees strong contingent from the Richemont group. This annual group initiative aims at supporting Unicef programs and expresses its commitment to Geneva.

In 2013, the dedication and commitment shown by everyone who participated or played a part in the Geneva Marathon for Unicef has been worth every effort: more than 50,000 Swiss Francs have been raised for Unicef’s water projects. All of the money collected went to create water pumps in areas of the world where clean drinking water is not available. Children in these developing countries can now have access to clean drinking water – which is essential for good health.

To run fast, run alone...to run far, run together!