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27 июня 2014, раздел Новости

Roger Dubuis “Incredible Mechanics” Exhibitions in China

An exhibition themed as “The Incredible Mechanics” took place in Beijing and Shanghai over the month of June.
The exhibition delivered a fully immersive experience into the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis to the guests attending.
It highlighted 3 key characteristics of Roger Dubuis: technical know-how, design and craftsmanship.

Form, structure, meaning...the entire layout of the exhibition venue embodied each and every detail of luxury watchmaking, and provided a deep sense of the unique spirit and elegance behind the brand's aesthetic.
The first exhibition area dedicated to the ‘Incredible Technique'  allowed guests to discover Roger Dubuis' integrated Manufacture. The exhibition area showcased a timeline of the history of Roger Dubuis since its foundation in 1995.
Like glorious medals, more than 30 self-winding movements depicted the MAnufacture extraordinary journey and accomplishments.

Among these landmark movements are the brand’s iconic Excalibur Double Tourbillon Skeleton, powered by the truly unique RD01SQ calibre that still remains without equal since its release in 2005; the stunning RD101 calibre powering the Excalibur Quatuor introduced in 2013, with its five differentials and four sprung balances operating in pairs to ensure an impressive 4x4Hz frequency, embodies the innovative strength of Roger Dubuis.

The second exhibition area featured the 'Incredible design'. The oversized watch case, transparent case back, large crown, roman numerals, three lugs where the case and strap meet...these all symbolize the powerful characters of Roger Dubuis. Rooted in a design ethos of constantly surpassing itself, the brand makes use of aesthetic trends that are ahead of times. None of the visitors were able to take their eyes off the 12 knights carved gold figures recreating the dedication and valor of the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table.

Finally in the ‘Incredible Craftsmanship’ area, the five prestigious guarantees of the Poinçon de Genève bore testament to Roger Dubuis' pursuit of supreme quality. A watchmaker was on hand to personally demonstrate how each part is polished, fully showcasing every aspect of this meticulous craft. Visitors could try mirror polishing and compare the difference before and after.

The dinner banquet featured a grand table covered with roses and a host of sumptuous culinary delights. In the magnificent atmosphere created by crystal chandeliers and gold carpets, Roger Dubuis Global Sales Director Mr. Etienne De Gramont made a personal appearance to give his congratulations as he shared this wonderful moment with the guests.
During the dinner, Roger Dubuis had specially arranged a model timepiece show. As usual, the serene and graceful postures could not obscure the radiance of Roger Dubuis' classic timepieces. Instead, they only served to heighten the startling boldness of the brand's creations. Such was the beauty of 'Incredible Mechanics'.

This exhibition celebrates the true pinnacle of independent fine watchmaking; it vividly shows the special path that Roger Dubuis takes to achieve unconditional quality and unsurpassed artistic pieces. Visitors are thus able to measure the extent of Roger Dubuis' unswerving commitment to excellence, expressed through its advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship, powerful design, fascinating originality.