Combining two admired complications, the minute repeater tourbillon belongs to the world of Grandes Complications. Wound-up by two micro-rotors, the watch features a 72h power reserve. Achievement of the highly skilled Roger Dubuis watchmakers, the watch also houses some useful functions such as an 'all or nothing' mechanism to avoid a partial striking of the time, a tone playback indicator to control visually the progression of the repeater and a function indicator to check the crown position (winding or setting) to avoid using the minute repeater while setting the time which could alter the well-being of the caliber. The chimes have been specifically tune to play a special interval called 'tritone' and made up of three tones, or six semitones. It is a very beautiful yet disorienting interval that goes against everything music appears to stand for. It was forbidden to use it in the middle ages and was even christened diabolus in musica – the Devil in music.
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Reference: RDDBEX0840