Roger Dubuis
The Run to Monaco


The Run to Monaco undoubtedly qualifies as one of life’s quintessential extraordinary experiences. In 2016, Roger Dubuis partners up with the world’s most fun and glamorous race with its own incredible blend of architectural and technical mechanics.

A shared ethos. A shared experience

From Tuesday May 24th to Sunday May 29th 2016, Roger Dubuis will be supporting a series of the most accomplished vehicles ever built and stars of motor racing as they cover over a thousand miles of Europe’s best driving roads. This incredible journey for supercar owners from around the world combines exhilarating driving through assiduously planned routes and stylish world-class experiences in breathtaking settings.

The heady cocktail of luxurious hotels, Michelin starred cuisine and exclusive Formula One involvement culminates in a vantage point from a beautiful super yacht berthed right in the centre of the action to experience the Monaco Grand Prix, the jewel in the crown of motorsport. Like Roger Dubuis timepieces, the Run to Monaco targets a highly specific group of connoisseurs of the exquisite things life has to offer. Bringing together a small number of lovers of great mechanics and thrills, while achieving heights of luxury beyond the bounds of any standard rally, there is nonetheless nothing ostentatious in itself about the event, which is instead the ultimate vehicle of pleasure and emotion.

A shared ethos. A shared experience.

This lifestyle experience for which the exclusive and inspirational Run To Monaco is famous, together with the blend of superb form and function and cutting-edge materials of which the world’s top supercars are composed,are strongly reminiscent of the entire Roger Dubuis ethos. People with style and a taste for luxury. Discreet individuals seeking different means of self-expression. This is the world of Roger Dubuis.

Motoring entrepreneur and co-founder of the event Chris Welch enthuses: “This 5th edition of the Run To Monaco will feature more surprises than ever, including fabulous driving roads amid unspoiled scenery and spectacular evening productions. We are delighted to be sharing this vision of high-mech high-glam with Roger Dubuis. ”

Symbolic of this synergy, for the 2016 Run To Monaco, the brand’s iconic Excalibur Automatic Skeleton appears in a dynamic new interpretation clad in a high-tech composite known as carbon fibre sheet moulding compound (SMC). The use of this avant-garde material – twice as light and twice as hard as steel – in the creation of the Excalibur Automatic Skeleton results in a supremely sporty, patently technical look, although fans will need little reminding of Excalibur’s traditional inherent assets.

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