Light up your extravagance in Japan with luminous Excalibur Blacklight watches

The extravagant Mad but Swiss act lit up Osaka, Japan at the exquisite Roger Dubuis‑style event. Emotions were pushed to the ultimate with the kind of disruptive lightened up immersion celebrating the arrival of the spectacular Excalibur Blacklight trilogy.

A unique glow in Osaka

The radiant creativity was unleashed at the state of the art event in Osaka. The exclusive tribe of non-conformist visionaries had a chance to live through the blazing in the dark experience highlighted by the spectacular paradoxical Excalibur Blacklight skeleton watch universe. A thrilling experience transmitting the extravagance of the Serial Innovator.

Raising the mechanical to art form status

The fierce beauty of the signature Roger Dubuis 'Astral Skeleton' was revealed in the unique glow of UV lights in Osaka. The 3D mechanical sculpture of RD820SQ automatic skeleton calibre matched the higher degree technology in the brand new Excalibur Blacklight novelty that reveals the unparalleled facet of extravagance when exposed to black light.

The vivid gleam of Excalibur Blacklight

Refined artistry of hyper horology under the daylight, and glowing colourful expression of time under the black light of nightclubs. A prowess made possible by a technology used for the first time in the Haute Horlogerie industry. The 42mm Excalibur Blacklight skeleton timepiece trilogy comes in 28-piece pink gold limited edition, accompanied by an 88-piece blue version with a white gold case and black alternative in DLC titanium.

Light up your extravagance: discover the Excalibur Blacklight collection!

Excalibur Blacklight | RDDBEX0744


Excalibur Blacklight 
Excalibur Blacklight | RDDBEX0756


Excalibur Blacklight 
Excalibur Blacklight | RDDBEX0757


Excalibur Blacklight 
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