Featured Selections

  • Ladies Selection

    Glamorous design and exquisite mechanism, paved with exclusive diamonds. The perfect match between timeless sophistication and modern extravagance. Which Roger Dubuis woman are you?

  • Lamborghini Squadra Corse Selection

    Inspired by a distinctive signature, fueled by the technological complexity. The final results are raging masterpieces adrenaline-charged. A radical speed-up.

  • Pirelli Selection

    No approximation. The engineers from two separate fields shared their knowledge, comprehensive know-how, sophisticated research and innovative drive. The result are proudly unmistakable timepieces. No compromise.

  • Disruptive materials

    Roger Dubuis continously uses new disruptive materials in watchmaking, such as Carbon that is twice as light as brass; C-SMC Carbon, a composite material used in racing supercars; Cobalt Chrome Micro-Melt® – a high-performance metal associated with aeronautics; Rubber inlays from motorsport winning tyres and more…

  • Novelties

    Roger Dubuis consistently pushes technical boundaries and demonstrates a bold commitement to go where no other watchmakers have gone before. Uncover the world of boldness & adrenaline.

  • Hyperwatch

    Bold and daring, Hyperwatch timepieces are unique state of art creations that push the concept of avant-garde watchmaking towards whole new horizons.

  • Flying tourbillon

    Flying tourbillon, an unmistakable Roger Dubuis signature, a light and spacious display of advanced mechanics in action.

  • Skeleton

    Technical excellence and powerful design are the signature characteristics of the Roger Dubuis Skeleton models.

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