Incredible Calibres


This is the story of disruption and incredible qualities endowed in each Roger Dubuis timepiece. Imagine if the calibres were more than timepiece movements…

The Butterfly Effect

Tenacity prevails and the butterfly’s solid state wings transform into a light, spacious – and naturally transparent – display of the advanced mechanics that have made the skeleton flying tourbillon (RD505SQ) such an iconic movement. As with the gossamer-light butterfly’s wings, by paring down plates and bridges in the extreme so as to promote transparency by maintaining only the essential elements, Roger Dubuis provides a flamboyant stage-setting for the highly technical nature of its tourbillon calibres.

Structural fascination

Architecture, is a story of a soaring flight of an eagle, a bird renowned for its keen sight and, and also emblematic of the native city of the Manufacture and its famous Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark to which Roger Dubuis is so firmly attached. The noble bird launches itself into a world of weightless space and angular constructions that become… the star motif characterising Roger Dubuis’ iconic astral skeleton principle. This is the tale of the RD820SQ, the first automatic skeleton watch to emerge from the Manufacture, in which every face of the 167 parts composing the self-winding mechanical movement is individually hand-finished.

Stellar expertise

 The Star, representative of the ultimate in technical expertise and design, is guided by the hand. A sleight of forefinger… and the Star is joined by the asymmetric double circle that becomes the skeleton double flying tourbillon (RD01SQ): that perfect blend of visual magic and technical performance that is now an unmistakable Roger Dubuis signature

Infinite accuracy

In the fourth and final chapter of the Incredible Calibers tale, Precision – and the power of four – take centre stage with the Roger Dubuis Quatuor RD101 calibre: a symbol of the mechanical magic of one of the most innovative 21st century Manufactures. Watchmakers have consistently tried to overcome the effects of gravity and in 2013, Roger Dubuis have  introduced a movement with four carefully positioned sprung balances working in pairs to compensate immediately for the rate variations caused by changes in position.

In this animated interpretation of a ground-breaking invention, power, precision and high technology at its peak meet and merge in the form of four rocket launchers barrelling their way with deadly accuracy into four precisely placed crosses – a nod to the brand’s Swiss roots and the ultimate precision guaranteed by the Poinçon de Genève.

Incredible Calibres tale... a vivid saga about the complex yet fanciful, reliable yet innovative paradoxes of
Roger Dubuis world.

- The End -

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