Run to Monaco
with Roger Dubuis

It's time to Run To Monaco!

Through the gorges and over the mountains, from May 23rd to 29th 2017 Run to Monaco gives you the driving thrill you will never forget. This incredible journey of supercar owners from around the world combines exhilarating driving through assiduously planned routes and stylish world-class experiences in breathtaking settings, covering more than 1000km running from Bordeaux to Monaco.

Experience the Run to Monaco with us!

With its fantastic scenery, stunning performance, adrenaline-pumping excitement and total luxury from start to finish, the Run to Monaco undoubtedly qualifies as one of life’s extraordinary experiences. Join us on Instagram and Facebook for the great driving experience through the spectacular Bordeaux, timeless Provence to the finish line at French Riviera and enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix race at the end with Roger Dubuis.

Get ready for the adventure!

Roger Dubuis is delighted to introduce the perfect partner for the Run To Monaco - Excalibur Spider Pirelli !
Playing with the famous color codes of Pirelli, the surprise comes from the strap featuring rubber inlays from certified Pirelli winning tyres having competed in real races – and adorned with legendary tread motifs reproducing the profile of a Pirelli Cinturato™ intermediate tyre.

エクスカリバー スパイダー ピレリ オートマティック スケルトン | RDDBEX0617

Excalibur Spider

エクスカリバー スパイダー ピレリ オートマティック スケルトン
エクスカリバー スパイダー ピレリ オートマティック スケルトン | RDDBEX0616

Excalibur Spider

エクスカリバー スパイダー ピレリ オートマティック スケルトン
エクスカリバー スパイダー ピレリ オートマティック スケルトン | RDDBEX0575

Excalibur Spider

エクスカリバー スパイダー ピレリ オートマティック スケルトン

Success belongs to those who dare to Run To it!

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