Embrace Dubai

This June Roger Dubuis embarks in a bold adventure with WatchAnish, in Dubai. Equipped with the iconic and charismatic Excalibur, this daring experience of the Dubai Calling will stay alive in our memories through every minute.
Dare to be rare.

Episode 1: Dare to fly

What better way to feel alive than by daring the odds while flying over the stunning Palm of Dubai?

WatchAnish wore forcefully the charismatic Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon, by embracing the winds and daring to take off the ground.
We lived through a unique moment, where time stops running and men become gods for a minute. Looking over the astonishing mans crafted city, empowered by the heights, and with rarity on the wrist, men are not men anymore, and the beauty of our time becomes the one truth.

Time flies fast, don’t waste a minute and dare to embrace it!

Episode 2: Dare the heights

Why follow the rules when you can make your own?

Armed with the contemporary Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic, WatchAnish embraced the moment and created his own laws by standing tall over the stunning city of Dubai.
Take a deep breath, dare the heights, and assist to the spectacular nature’s display, that is the sunset on the infinite horizon. The sun slowly fades while the lights of the sleepless city awake, acknowledging the sensible frontier between nature and man work.

No moments are lost, only more are to happen, dare to embrace them.

Episode 3: Dare to race

What are limits made for if not to be pushed back?

WatchAnish pushed back the boundaries of racing in Dubai, while proudly wearing the Excalibur Spider Pirelli.
Matching a timepiece with a powerful car, race around cities and countries like there is no limit to the power of an engine, and no time to waste looking back, but only the road ahead of us to be cared for.

There is no limit stopping you from embracing the time you have, dare to race.

Follow our adventures!

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