Mr. Choo Shin-Soo, Friend of Roger Dubuis


Roger Dubuis caught everyone’s Eyes by a Talk Show with the Newly Appointed Friend of the Brand, Korean Major Leaguer Choo Shin‑Soo

“Roger Dubuis is my favourite Fine Watchmaking Maison”

Roger Dubuis successfully ended its press conference, appointing its new friend of the brand Choo Shin-Soo and introducing its key innovative timepieces.

On the 25th of November at Interwired Studio in Seoul, Roger Dubuis captured people’s eyes by showing nearly 7.6 billion won (about $6.6 million) worth 43 timepieces including the new creations of 2015.

Started with Roger Dubuis’ ‘Astral Skeleton’ movie, which illuminated the year of 2015 for Roger Dubuis, the press conference was held with an appointment of Choo Shin-Soo, a Major League Player, as the new friend of the brand, followed by a mini talk show with Choo and

Jean-Marc Pontroué, the CEO of Roger Dubuis who especially came from Geneva.
“Roger Dubuis was led to appoint Choo as a friend of the brand since Roger Dubuis, which is leading the whole high-end watch industry with exclusive technology and craftsmanship, and Choo, who became an exclusive player in Major League as a Korean with his own dynamic play, has a lot in common” said Jean-Marc Pontroué.

Three common values have been identified between Roger Dubuis and Choo by himself which are exclusiveness, craftsmanship and daringness, showing the brand’s strong affection to Choo. According to Jean-Marc Pontroué, Roger Dubuis is an haute horlogerie manufacture seeking for exclusive products and services to satisfy fine watchmaking connoisseurs who pursue differentiated values. He mentioned this ‘exclusiveness’ is very similar to Choo since he is one of the very rare players who has a great power but still a precise and delicate striking sense.

Also, he expressed his praise about Choo’s great efforts toward baseball, which is very similar to Roger Dubuis’ craftsmanship, since every single component is produced in-house.

The other common value between Roger Dubuis and Choo was ‘daringness’. Roger Dubuis pursues a differentiated path in design and technology, presenting innovative creations every year such as the Excalibur Spider that applied 100% Skeleton for not only the movements but also for the external components of timepieces such as case and flange. And Choo, who has performed with his bold mentality, also showed his daringness by overcoming his slump, and became an exclusive player in Major League.

“Roger Dubuis is my favourite Fine Watchmaking Maison because it has its own, bold design and values”, Choo said. He also added, “I used to be a big fan of Roger Dubuis even before being appointed as the new friend of the brand. It’s a privilege to officially become the new face of this incredible Fine Watchmaking Maison”.

Meanwhile, numerous journalists and Ha Won-Mi, Choo’s wife graced at the occasion with their presence.

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