Dare to race
in Japan!

On Friday June 30th Roger Dubuis dared to race in Tokyo with the perfect racing partner timepieces – Excalibur Spider Pirelli and a brand new innovation Excalibur Cobalt Chrome. Get a glimpse of the opening celebration together with Roger Dubuis.

The “perfect fit” between Pirelli and Roger Dubuis was showcased with four limited edition Excalibur Spider Pirelli models with straps made from winning motorsports tyre rubber and featuring the distinctive tread profile.

The highlight of the show was also the exclusive reveal of the Excalibur Cobalt Chrome timepieces. Cobalt Chrome Micro-Melt® is an ultra-pure, high-performance metal widely associated with aeronautics and astronomy. It vividly reflects Roger Dubuis’ dedication to the “disruptive materials” that ideally match its progressive complications.

Dare to race with
Roger Dubuis in Japan!

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