Roger Dubuis
Service Interventions

In order to ensure the smooth running of your watch and maintain its precision, it is advisable to have a maintenance service carried out every two years, and a complete service every four to five years.

Servicing, restoring and maintaining your watch

At Roger Dubuis, quality, reliability and performance lie at the very core of development for each timepiece, from the first
design phases through to final delivery. Roger Dubuis nurtures a commitment to producing the highest quality watches. To achieve this goal, Roger Dubuis implements strict controls at each stage of the manufacturing process. In order to ensure that all Roger Dubuis models reach or exceed the highest quality standards, each timepiece is individually certified with the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, the most demanding signature in Fine Watchmaking symbolising the ultimate recognition of exceptional quality.

Roger Dubuis Maintenance Service

The maintenance service involves the control and adjustment of the watch technical functions as well as a check of the exterior appearance of the timepiece. During a maintenance service any functional defect is corrected and the movement parts replaced if necessary. The case and the buckle are subject to a polishing in order to restore the watch original brilliance; the water resistance is also checked to have a watch completely water-proof.

Roger Dubuis Complete Service

A complete service involves a full overhaul of the timepiece which lasts several hours and days according to the complexity of the movement. During this process the movement is completely dismantled, all the movement parts are cleaned, oiled and lubricated where necessary. Movement and external parts subject to wear or damaged are replaced. The movement itself is carefully checked and tested: the working control, the amplitude and the setting control are checked and adjusted to meet Roger Dubuis strict tolerances and specifications. After a complete overhaul, your Roger Dubuis will be almost as good as new since even the case and the buckle will be polished and refreshed to restore their original brilliance.

Service guarantee

Watch maintenance should only be undertaken by an authorized Roger Dubuis service center. Only our watchmakers are highly qualified and have the special tools and original watch components to professionally service Roger Dubuis timepieces respecting the high quality and aesthetical standards imposed by our Maison. A Roger Dubuis service is guaranteed for one year by the Authorized Service Center that carried out the check-up.

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