Defy gravity with a tourbillon watch on your wrist

Excalibur Skeleton Flying Tourbillon – the unexpected fusion of innovation, excellence and boldness made to perform outside of the safe.

Gravity knockout

As technical as it is hypnotic. Tourbillon is one of the pinnacles of horological achievement. It defies gravity while exerting an incomparable power of attraction. And what's a more exciting way to sublimate it than the skeleton movement?
Achieving what others can't even imagine is definitely our favorite playground.


Overturning rules is more than a mindset. Double Tourbillon and Single Flying Tourbillon are the stunning visions of Roger Dubuis innovative spirit: the unconventional design fits perfectly with the elite watchmakers' know-how. An extravagance that also exalts the strap through a grey or red rubber in a camo and pixel style. The unexpected is our signature.


Get ready to be blown away and join Roger Dubuis.
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