The Perfect Fit


When the legendary supplier of racing tyres meets the iconic and uncompromising Roger Dubuis watchmaker. A stunning performance that creates the uniqueness of Excalibur Spider Pirelli collection.

Featuring rubber inlays from certified Pirelli winning motorsport tyres having competed in real races, and existing in three different color (blue, red, yellow), each one telling a different story, these timepieces represent the new wave of daring elegance and fearless racers.
Stepping in our world in a limited number, with only 88 pieces of each available, this new timepiece is destined to capture the eyes of all and to be forcefully worn by daring gentlemen.
Each color matching your racing tyre, each telling a unique story… it is truly a Perfect Fit.

Daring Red

No red light is to stop you from racing until the finish line!

The powerful, unique and daring red Pirelli Excalibur Spider will embark you in an unforgettable journey of daring elegance. Just like the smoking engine after a difficult race, you will be strong and fearless, now capable of embracing all challenges and soon to become the master of roads solely armed with the daring Red Pirelli Excalibur timepiece.

Be the fire that people fear, be the red light that stops others with us.
Dare to be Rare.
Dare to Race.

Magnificient Blue

The blue sky is a call for adventure, embrace it!

The elegant blue Pirelli Exclibur Spider will take you on a magnificient journey full of exquisite adventures. Same as the enchanting blue sky chasing the clouds, the graceful and peaceful spirit of this timepiece will prove you that there are no limits to stop you from doing what you want, and this freedom is to be embraced by the bravest and most elegant gentlemen.

Your only limit is you, embrace your freedom with us.
Dare to be rare.
Dare to race.

Elegant Yellow

Let the fire burning in your chest go free, just like the sun shines over the seas!

The unique Yellow Pirelli Spider Excalibur will be your partner through every journey, every adventure and every challenge, transmitting you its courage and warmth, letting you shine like a star in the darkness. Bright like the light, warm like the sun, powerful like the fire, this timepiece is the sole accessory of a true daring gentlemen, ready to shine and race like there is no tomorrow, and no darkness that can stop him.

Be the fire that burns, be the guiding light with us.
Dare to be rare.
Dare to race.

The trio of daring racing partners is here,
which one is yours?

Excalibur Spider Pirelli腕表系列 – 自动上链镂空腕表 | RDDBEX0617

Excalibur Spider系列

Excalibur Spider Pirelli腕表系列 – 自动上链镂空腕表
Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Automatic Skeleton | RDDBEX0616

Excalibur Spider系列

Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Automatic Skeleton
Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Automatic Skeleton | RDDBEX0575

Excalibur Spider系列

Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Automatic Skeleton
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