First watch to house the brand new RD108SQ caliber, skeleton double flying tourbillon, the Excalibur Superbia is a World Premiere thanks to its dedicated setting. For the first time, a watch is set with tetrahedron-cut stones, through an invisible setting, on curved surfaces. Challenging gem cuts, challenging setting technique, challenging surfaces.

Set with 600 diamonds and blue sapphires.
The tetrahedron-cut stones are extremely difficult to handle as their spiky tips risk to break at any second of the cutting or setting process, especially when, as Roger Dubuis specifically asked for it, 7 stones can rejoin at their tips, creating a high sensitivity point.

Inpired by the work of Japanese artist Kaz Shirane, the watch is an evocation of pride in the Roger Dubuis' way. Let's not be too serious and enjoy! Excalibur Superbia is a flag to this belief
Technical details

More specifications on the technical details

Reference: RDDBEX0821
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