"Bringing different worlds together is my trademark"

Extravagant, determined and disruptive, Gully is as bold and bright in his ideas as we are. Believing all art comes from what was created before it, Gully dedicates himself to bringing different worlds together using a variety of mixed techniques and materials. Never afraid of admitting to others' greatness, he - like us - is inspired by trailblazers, learning from them and creating something both new and iconic in its place.

Gully portrait


Gully created a name for himself graffitiing throughout France in the nineties and noughties. Leaving the streets behind, he now maintains anonymity by working in a studio under the pseudonym he's known for today. Exhibiting work at respected galleries, Gully’s art combines all movements, from hyperrealism to pop art, as well as surrealism and cubism to create facetious and narrative masterworks that travel the history of art as if seen through a child’s eyes.

Gully drawing


An artist after our own heart, Gully lives to redefine the boundaries of his industry, just as we do when it comes to Hyper Horology. Shaping the future of what it means to be an artist by refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer, Gully hopes his work encourages people to challenge the way things are. His commitment to non-conformity is evident in all he does, and as his partnership with us progresses, we want to show together what happens when rules are rejected and creativity is unleashed.

RDU x Gully watch


As striking as freshly spray-painted art, our hyper-skilled watchmakers filled Gully’s single-line design with coloured lacquer and Super-Luminova ™ so it shines bright under UV light – just as a masterpiece deserves to.