Breaking the codes in London

Two friends of the brand, Paul Wallace and The Good Life Inc, embarked on a creative journey to challenge the traditions. A code‑breaking quest through London. Let's go!

Lift up the ride

In the traditional choice between a British black cab or red double-decker bus, The Good Life Inc chose an alternative to navigate the London rush hour. Nothing more of a summer vibe than a skateboard ride through the busy British streets. Liberate the modern knight inside you and explore London like never before!

A creative expression of iconic

Exchanging the iconic London landmarks for the thriving street art scene of Shoreditch. Paul Wallace made a statement in the hive of artistic expression wearing the iconic Excalibur Automatic Skeleton watch with the bold alternative full metal strap. Take a different perspective and let the duality of the city inspire you!

Unleashed tradition

What about a cup of tea at an unconventional place. All roads lead to Roger Dubuis London Boutique where our modern knights reunite around the iconic Excalibur. Discover more about our code-breaking skeleton watches and high complications mastery at the Roger Dubuis London boutique. It's a vibe, it's a style, it's Excalibur!

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