In pursuit of extremes with Daniel Lau

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. Embark on the code‑breaking quest for extreme adventures with Daniel Lau, adrenaline seeker and rooftoper, in the urban jungle of Osaka in Japan.

Defy the gravity

Daniel dared to take off the ground and discover Osaka from the heights of the skyscrapers. A different perspective on the city brought new sensations and uncovered the undiscovered frontiers.
Join Daniel on the adventure to dare in the extreme!

Dare the heights

Life’s moments define who you are. Daniel took a moment to dare the conventions and went beyond ordinary limits of the urban buildings. Who said we can’t go above the skyscrapers’ heights? He embraced the moment and created his own laws by standing tall over the stunning city of Osaka.
Don’t let the routine weigh you down. Exceed the limits!

Pursue the extremes

Living larger than life takes courage. Daniel continually makes the time for daring adventures. His accomplice in the quest of Osaka was a code-breaking ultralight Excalibur Spider Carbon3 watch. Carbonized from the movement via case to the bracelet, the timepiece is a perfect ammunition for a modern day warrior born to pursue the extremes.

Go to extremes with Roger Dubuis!

Excalibur Spider – Carbon³ flying tourbillon | RDDBEX0752

Excalibur Spider

Excalibur Spider – Carbon³ flying tourbillon
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