In exactly the same way as a luxury car , regular care is needed to combat the wear & tear on certain movement parts as well as the natural ageing of lubricants and gaskets. The frequency of maintenance service naturally varies depending on the conditions of use to which the watch is subjected.

That is why we invite you to contact your Boutique to determine the actions required to maintain your timepiece in working order.

Complete service

A complete service involves a full overhaul of the timepiece which lasts several hours and days according to the complexity of the movement. During this process the movement is completely dismantled, all the movement parts are cleaned, oiled and lubricated where necessary. Movement and external parts subject to wear or damaged are replaced. The movement itself is carefully checked and tested: the working control, the amplitude and the setting control are checked and adjusted to meet Roger Dubuis strict tolerances and specifications. After a complete overhaul, your Roger Dubuis will be almost as good as new since even the case and the buckle will be polished and refreshed to restore their original brilliance.

The length of the intervention depends on the age and complexity of your creation. In average it will take around 6 to 8 weeks for recent collections and up to 6 months when restoration work is needed.

After a complete overhaul, your Roger Dubuis will be covered by a 12 month service guarantee (on the service performed and the replaced components). This guarantee excludes any damage or deterioration resulting from an accident or mishandling of the timepiece. Any intervention by a non-authorized service center will void the service guarantee.

First step : Diagnosis & dismantling

  • Functional diagnosis
  • Removal of the movement from the case
  • Complete dismantling of the movement
  • Cleaning of all movement parts
  • Complete dismantling of the case

Second step : Assembly & settings

  • Replacement of components (if needed)
  • Lubrication of all parts
  • Reassembly of the movement
  • Adjusting and checking of the working functions

Third step : Care of the case, buckle & bracelet

  • Cleaning of the case and bracelet/buckle
  • Polishing of the case and bracelet/buckle
  • Replacement of the gaskets
  • Reassembly of the case

Fourth step : Casing & checks

  • Hands and dial positioning
  • Casing up the movement
  • Checking the water resistance
  • Checking on the accuracy and amplitude (0h/24h)
  • Rate measurement of the timepiece
  • Checking all the functions
  • Checking the power reserve
  • Final aesthetical check

Recommended public prices

Recommended retail prices in Swiss Francs tax excluded.

Complete service

Quartz: 650 CHF

Simple: 970 CHF

Small complications: 1620 CHF

Complication: 3130 CHF

High complications: On estimate

Water resistancy Renewal

All models: 215 CHF


All models: 485 CHF

Authencity certificate

All models: 160 CHF


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