It beams by its extraordinary complexity. 

In its latest demonstration, Excalibur Superbia is a contemporary epitome of extravagance created to ignite the senses of a tribe who trust that life is just a game. Radiant and pure, the lines of this exceptional timepiece are strongly reminiscent of Kaz Shirane's luminous art, with whom the brand shares the same vision. Time has thus come for Roger Dubuis to pursue its obsessive quest of pleasure and beauty by presenting a dazzling interpretation of excess.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Collection Superbia Grid image

Mad or possessed?

Unashamedly guilty of the most serious deadly sin: Pride is known in Latin as superbia. That's all it took to stimulate our outrageous ego. Crafted in palladium-enriched white gold and set with exactly 600 precious white diamonds and blue sapphires, Excalibur Superbia offers a truly extravagant housing for Roger Dubuis iconic signature calibre: a brand-new DOUBLE FLYING TOURBILLON movement, the RD108SQ. Once again, this extreme complication mastered by few watchmakers reinvents the game like no one ever has before.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Collection Superbia Grid image

An insane world premiere

Eminently brilliant. The excessiveness of the Excalibur Superbia comes neither from its alloy nor its number of stones. What makes it truly bold is that every stone set on the flange, the bezel, the case and the crown is tetrahedron shaped and assembled with an invisible setting on curved surfaces. Not only has no jeweller or watchmaker ever dared to set a piece in this way, certainly no one has ever been crazy or ambitious enough to do it on a masculine watch. Until now. In this masterpiece in which the complexity of the pattern surpasses any norm known, master craftsmen at the Manufacture achieved a striking prowess.


“The Excalibur Superbia is like a time machine that can take us to an extraordinary world in an instant”

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Collection Superbia Grid image

The infernal tetrahedron shape

The notion of the impossible has nothing to do with Roger Dubuis, whose challenge was simply monumental. Not only did every stone have to be tetrahedron-shaped, the pattern was designed so that all 238 stones featured in the case of the Excalibur Superbia has a different shape. And above all, the final sting in the tail of the timepiece comes with the grooving. A painstaking and groundbreaking process that tooks each gemsetter up to 900 hours to set all three sides of the 600 diamonds, plus 420 hours to set the case and bezel – and that’s without even counting the stone-cutting.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Collection Superbia Grid image

An incantation to live life to the fullest

Because to remember you must die is to remember you must live. A hyper watch for a hyper tribe, the Excalibur Superbia is the demonstration of a shared mindset focused on living life to the fullest extent and with the greatest intensity. In the grand tradition of memento mori pocket watches, and as a reminder that this time on earth is short and must be filled with the unfettered pleasure, madness and freedom, the movement of the Excalibur Superbia is secretly inscribed with the words Memento mori, a detail is unquestionably the most exciting way to experience hyper horology.


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